¿What is Devoured Recordings?

Devoured Recordings is a independent music record label based in Perú and it founded by 3an in 2016. Our first release is a Progressive House track called “Voices”, it was produced by Brokenjunker in collaboration with SNAPBASS and DJ3AN.

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¿How to get in touch with the devoured team?

You can get in touch with us using our contact form located at our CONTACT page.

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¿How to send me demo?

You can send us your demos via the submission form located in our DEMOS page or via our e-amil: demos@devouredrecordings.com

¿What products or services do you provide?

You can visit our store and get access to quality FL Studio Remakes, Templates and free sample packs. Devoured Records is brought to you by the FLP Family team, so we will provide it as well.

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