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Hello world, I am Jean and 3an is my artist name. I am just a producer, web and graphic designer and this is a bit about me.

I am from Perú and my home town is Pisco, a small city with a beatiful beach and it is located close to Paracas, another small city with beatiful places to discover and visit. I am the founder of Devoured Recordings, FLP Family and other sub-brands. My love for music started since I was a child because I used to listen my dad’s music collection which is Rock music and well in the future I would like to make a band or solo, haha. Actually I love any style of music, mainly edm and indie rock. What else I can tell you about me? I also work as a touristic operator in Paracas so if coming to Perú do not hesitate to get in touch with Paola’s Tours, the team is very nice and friendly.

Take care.


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